The Moms Co. has partnered with rePurpose to give our consumers a Plastic Neutral shopping experience! Here's how it works:

Step 1: Contribute just Re. 1 with every purchase you make on The Moms Co. website, and we match your contribution

Step 2: Together, our contributions allow rePurpose Global to recycle an amount of plastic equivalent to that in your product packaging, all while providing stable livelihoods to hundreds of marginalised women

Step 3: Reduce your plastic footprint, one order at a time

"At The Moms Co., our products are made with love and without compromise. We have partnered with rePurpose to offset the unavoidable plastic associated with the purchase of our products. Simultaneously, we're also working on finding alternative materials and circular models to reduce our plastic usage. "

- Malika Datt Sadani,

Founder and CEO,

The Moms Co.