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Intimate Wash

Intimate Wash

Buy Best Intimate Wash For Women Online At Best Price From The Moms Co

When it comes to maintaining personal hygiene, women often forget to pay attention to their intimate areas. Where some women feel shy to talk about intimate hygiene, society considers it a taboo. But for all those who don’t know, intimate hygiene is very important for mental, physical and emotional health. The pH level of the intimate area often gets disturbed by lifestyle changes and chemical bath products. This leads to infection spread and products like intimate hygiene wash come to the rescue.

A feminine intimate wash cleans your private parts without disturbing the pH levels of your skin. The intimate feminine wash range at Moms Co. is packed with natural pH-balanced ingredients, keeping your intimate area clean and healthy. Our Moms Co. natural intimate washes are dermatologically tested, PETA Certified Cruelty Free.

Tips For Choosing The Best Intimate Wash For Your Skin Type & Concern

Choosing pregnancy care products like an intimate wash for your skin type and concern is difficult. But The Moms Co. brand makes it easy for you on this platform. Make sure to make a note of the below pointers for choosing the best intimate wash for women.

pH Balanced Formula:

Look for an intimate wash for women that is pH-balanced to match the vaginal area’s natural acidity. Doing this helps maintain the balance of vaginal flora and reduces irritation or infection.

Mild Ingredients:

Opt for an intimate hygiene wash that’s enriched with mild and gentle ingredients like Tea Tree oil, Lactic Acid, Chamomile and Calendula Extract, Panthenol, etc. Avoid intimate feminine washes that are not soap-free, fragrance-free and toxin-free.


Make sure you have your specific needs in mind. Be it buying for a regular wash, freshness or soothing, choose the feminine intimate wash that addresses your concern in the best way.


Look for intimate wash for women that’s dermatologically-tested which means the product has undergone testing for safety and efficacy. 

User Reviews: 

Make sure you consider relevant user reviews and recommendations before buying an intimate wash.

Skin Type:

If you have a sensitive skin type, choose an intimate wash for women that has gentle ingredients and is fragrance-free. If you have an oily skin type, go for an intimate wash that’s got natural ingredients that help in controlling excess oil.

Best Ingredients To Look For In A Intimate Wash

Choosing an intimate wash that’s powered with natural ingredients helps in maintaining good intimate health. So listing down some of the best ingredients to look for in an intimate wash.

Tea Tree Oil

An intimate wash for women with Tea Tree Oil fights odour and bacterial infections. Tea Tree oil contains powerful antibacterial, antimicrobial and cleansing properties that are very good for vaginal health.


An intimate wash for women with Panthenol moisturises skin and preserves the skin barrier. Thanks to Panthenol’s anti-inflammatory properties that soothe irritated and sensitive skin effectively.

Lactic Acid

A feminine intimate wash with Lactic Acid maintains ideal pH to prevent dryness, irritation & rashes. This ingredient helps the body restore an optimum pH in your intimate area.

Chamomile and Calendula Extract

An intimate feminine wash with  Chamomile and Calendula extracts heals itchy, irritated skin. From reducing odour to treating vaginal infection, Chamomile and Calendula extracts are great for vaginal health.

Best-Selling Intimate Wash Price List

The Moms Co. range of the best intimate washes for women is soap-free and fragrance-free. Listing down all products below:

Intimate Wash

Price (Rs.)

Natural Intimate Hygiene Wash


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Shop For Best Selling Intimate Wash At The Moms Co

You will find an exclusive range of pregnancy care at Moms Co. Our products are made with natural extracts and free from harmful toxins and chemicals. Under the pregnancy category, our intimate washes for women are soap-free and fragrance-free. We have the most amazing intimate washes that are dermatologically tested, PETA-certified and cruelty-free. These intimate washes prevent odour, give moisturisation, soothe irritation & dryness, and support the skin barrier.

Buy Best Intimate Wash & Other Pregnancy Care Products Online At The Moms Co

No matter the skin type and concern, the Moms Co. range of pregnancy products are Australia-certified toxin-free, Australia Allergy Certified and Dermatologically Tested, PeTA Certified and Cruelty-Free. Our intimate washes are also soap-free and fragrance-free. We do not only have intimate washes but other safe and healthy pregnancy products.

Do check out our blog section and YouTube channel to learn more about us in detail. So are you ready to give our products a try? Explore our range of products and buy from every mom and baby’s favourite app- The Moms Co. app.

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Q: Which intimate wash is best for an intimate area?

The intimate wash that’s the best for an intimate area is the Moms Co.’s Natural Intimate Hygiene wash. Be it fighting odour, soothing irritation or dryness and keeping the vaginal area clean, this intimate wash is a must-try!

Q: What is the use of intimate wash?

The use of intimate wash is to: prevent dryness & rashes, fight odour, soothe irritation, balance pH, support skin barrier and keep vagina healthy.

Q: Can I use intimate wash daily?

It’s better to not use an intimate wash regularly more than 2-3 times a week. For daily, you can simply wash your intimate area with water.

Q: Can I use intimate wash during pregnancy?

You can use an intimate wash during pregnancy that’s enriched with mild ingredients and is free from fragrance.