About Us

"Our products are made with love and without compromise, with mother nature making her presence felt strongly, everything we create retains the good and rejects the bad to give you a product that is as pure as a mother's love."

Our journey started back in 2012 when I moved back home from London.
My 1-year-old daughter had extremely dry skin which would get red & itchy and any exposure to chemical irritants would flare it up. I struggled till 1 day a doctor offered a simple change - shift to a safer, natural moisturiser and that finally helped.
But I couldn’t find any Natural, Toxin-free products for her and my only option was to import everything - from washes to diapers, even clothes with soft fabrics. After speaking to over 200 moms, I was surprised to know that almost all moms were searching for high quality, natural products that worked well.
The Moms Co. was born out of these discussions with a simple question, “Why should finding something as simple as a Natural Lotion be so hard for a Mom?”
We work with experts across India, Australia & Switzerland to create products that are Safe, Natural and meet the highest standards for ingredient safety around the world. Today, we are on a mission to help Moms make Safe, Natural, Effective choices.
We would like to welcome you to the family with a promise that we'll work tirelessly to create products that moms like us can use, confidently and fearlessly.
With love,
Malika and Mohit


An engineer and MBA by education, Malika worked as a banker before quitting her job to become a full time mom. The Moms Co. was born out of her uncompromising attention to the smallest of details and her desire that no mom should have to compromise on products. “I am an obsessive mother, always have been. I’m sure there are enough moms like me who want the best for themselves and their babies and hate having to compromise on the safety of the products they use for themselves and their family.” Her quest has got her to use the best pregnancy and baby care products available globally, and at The Moms Co., her constant endeavour is to create the same high quality natural products in India.


After completing his Engineering and then MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, Mohit worked with McKinsey for seven years consulting consumer goods and retail companies across India and UK. Mohit then joined Snapdeal as Head of Strategy and Growth, shaping efforts on acquiring and retaining users for the company. As a dad, Mohit first found it amusing, then frustrating to see how difficult it was to get good, safe product choices for Malika when she was expecting and then their girls. When Malika was inspired to start The Moms Co. to solve this need for moms in India, she convinced Mohit to join in as the first team member. “I look around and am constantly worried about the bad environment that we’re bringing up our kids in. While we can’t control things like the pollution and air, at The Moms Co. we are on a mission to help moms with better, safer options wherever they feel the need - personal care products, foods, and more.”