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Sun Protection

Sun Protection

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Spending time in the sun has many benefits for our bodies. But it’s important to follow some precautions and protect your skin from harmful UV rays to ensure healthy skin. Add a Sun protection cream to your daily routine to prevent sun damage. The best sun protection cream prevents dark spots, fights sun damage & soothes skin. The Moms Co. Natural Daily Sunscreen & Natural Age Control Day Cream is natural, dermatologically tested, and perfect for protecting your skin from sun damage. 


Benefits Of Using Products With Sun protection


Without sun protection cream, your skin is vulnerable to a host of problems. Here are some reasons why you should use sunscreen daily. 


1- Provides Sun Protection From Harmful UV Rays

Depletion of the ozone layer has increased our risk of sun damage from harmful UV rays. Sunscreen blocks these rays, greatly reducing sunburn, the risk of skin cancer, and premature ageing.


2- Prevents Premature Ageing

Sunscreen is the easiest way to prevent premature ageing of your skin. By introducing SPF into your daily skincare routine, you can ward off the early signs of ageing like fine lines, wrinkles, etc with minimal effort. With sunscreen, no matter how harsh the sun is, you can enjoy the outdoors knowing your skin is protected.


3- Lowers the Risk for Skin Cancer

The risk of skin cancer can be reduced by simply wearing your sunscreen daily. Applying a small amount of natural sunscreen daily will provide effective protection from the UV rays, which may lead to skin cancer if exposed repeatedly and over a long period. 


4- Prevents Sunburns

Applying sunscreen daily, especially before going out in the sun and after swimming, helps prevent sunburn. A sunburn can cause skin thinning, making it more transparent and bruises become more visible. Repeated sun exposure can cause your skin to experience peeling, swelling, redness, and itching.


5- Prevents Tanning

It is important to choose a sunscreen that has a minimum sun protection factor of 30 to prevent tanning induced by UVB. Make sure you reapply sunscreen every two hours, especially if you have sensitive skin. 


What is SPF in Sun Protection Products?

When we spend time in the sun, we are exposed to two potentially harmful types of sun rays: UVA and UVB. Sun protection factor (SPF) is a number, for example, SPF15. It indicates how much protection a product offers against UVB light. A product with a higher SPF number will offer greater protection. The protection levels are expressed as follows:

Low protection: SPF is below 15

Medium protection: SPF is 15 to 29

High protection: SPF is 30 to 49

Very high protection: SPF is over 50


Best Ingredients in The Moms Co Range of Sun Protection Products


When you’re purchasing sun protection products, make sure to check-list the quality of ingredients that the product has. Below are some ingredients that you should definitely look for while buying sun protection products


Zinc Oxide

Sun Protection products with Zinc Oxide offer broad-spectrum protection from UV-A and UV-B rays. The benefits of zinc oxide sunscreen include being an excellent anti-inflammatory, so those with sensitive skin and more serious skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea can tolerate zinc oxide well.


Liquorice Extract

Liquorice Extract has anti-inflammatory benefits and helps inhibit the production of an enzyme helping in removing excess melanin. It helps to control the production of excess melanin thereby improving the appearance of uneven skin tone to reveal clearer skin.


Chamomile Extract

It prevents sun-induced damage. Because chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties, it helps to protect against long-term and short-term skin inflammation. Specifically, in the case of sunburns, it helps reduce DNA damage caused by too much UV exposure. 


Best-Selling Sun Protection Products Price List


Our sunscreens are Dermatologically Tested, Toxin-free and Australian Certified making them the Best sun protection cream for face:


Sun Protection Products

Price (Rs.)

Natural Age Control Day Cream


Natural Daily Sunscreen



Buy Best Selling Sun Protection Products at The Moms Co.


Our Sun Protection Products are free from toxins, sulphates, harmful chemicals, silicon, and paraben. The Moms Co. Natural Daily Sunscreen is a non-sticky, lightweight, mineral sunscreen that absorbs quickly without leaving any white cast. The SPF 45+, PA++++ provides complete protection against UV-A rays and blocks 98% of UV-B rays. It is enriched with 25% Zinc Oxide and Licorice extract, offers broad-spectrum protection, prevents redness & dark spots, and fights pigmentation. Natural Age Control Day Cream is the best anti-aging day cream, provides UVA protection, reduces fine lines & wrinkles, provides pollution defence, and repairs and rejuvenates the skin.


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No matter what your skin type is, The Moms Co. has an extensive variety of natural face care products. Our products are made with love and are dermatologically tested. We keep a critical eye while choosing the ingredients and making harmful chemical-free face care products. Our products are Australian-certified, toxin-free, non-comedogenic, paraben-free, sulphate-free, etc, and help in making your skin look healthier. 


You can also check out our blog section and YouTube channel to know more about us. Explore our amazing range of products and shop online from The Moms Co. app.




Q: What products are best for sun protection?

A: The Moms Co. Natural Daily Sunscreen is mineral-based providing complete protection against UV-A rays and blocks 98% UV-B rays. 

Q: Which cream is best for UV protection?

A: Our  Natural Daily Sunscreen is best for UV protection

A: Q: Which SPF is best for your face?

A: Experts recommend choosing a sunscreen between SPF 30 - SPF 50 as it provides 96%-98% protection from harmful UV Rays. It is always recommended to choose a sunscreen with at least SPF 30. 

Q: Which Sunscreen is best for all skin types?

A: Yes, our mineral-based Natural Daily Sunscreen suits all skin types

Q: Is there a natural sunscreen?

A: Our  Natural Daily Sunscreen is infused with the goodness of natural ingredients and free from harmful chemicals.

Q: Can we apply sunscreen directly on our face?

A: Yes, Sunscreen can be applied directly to our face. Apply sunscreen approximately 30 minutes before being in the sun so that it can be absorbed by the skin. It should be applied daily after face moisturiser.


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