Oily Skin Complete Care Kit

Oily Skin Complete Care Kit dup


Oily skin is a never-ending battle of acne breakouts, greasy forehead and chin, open pores and blackheads. While you cannot change your skin type, with the right products, you can definitely manage it. Our Oily Skin Complete Care Kit is designed to help you do just that. It helps remove dirt and impurities, controls excess oil & acne causing bacteria and hydrates without making the skin feel greasy. It comes with Natural Green Tea Face Wash, Natural Green Tea Face Toner, Natural Green Tea Cream, and Natural Green Tea Night Gel. It helps keep your skin mattified and fresh.


  • Controls excess sebum and acne

    Gently cleanses

    Gently cleans & removes dirt, oil & impurities.

  • Hydrates the skin

    Regulates Sebum

    Regulates sebum production & tightens pores.

  • Reduces the appearance of pores

    Controls Acne

    Ingredients like willow Bark & Niacinamide help control oil & acne causing bacteria.

  • Helps Control Oil

    Hydrates Skin

    The Face Cream & the Night Gel help moisturize & keep your skin non-greasy.

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