Natural Advanced 20% Vitamin C Skin Brightening Duo

Natural Advanced 20% Vitamin C Skin Brightening Duo dup


Repair & replenish your skin with our Advanced Vitamin C Skin Brightening Duo! The Natural Vitamin C Advanced Face Serum, a potent combination of 20% Vitamin C and 0.5% Ferulic Acid & Vitamin E reduces dark spots and protects the skin from damage. Ginseng and Licorice extracts in the serum improve skin complexion and boost hydration for supple, even toned skin. Enriched with Vitamin C, Ferulic Acid and Squalane, our Natural Vitamin C Face Cream deeply hydrates the skin and enhances skin’s natural brightness all while protecting it from free radical damage caused by pollution & UV rays.

  • Naturally Brightens the Skin

    Antioxidants help boost collagen production, revive dull skin to reveal a naturally brighter skin.

  • Deeply moisturizes the skin

    Sqaulane deeply moisturizes & Ginseng Extract boosts hydration, leaving skin feeling soft & smooth.

  • Reduces Stubborn Dark Spots

    In a clinical study, 86% participants saw improvement in dark spots in 7 days of usage of our Natural Vitamin C Advanced Face Serum

  • Even tones the skin

    The serum helps control excess production of melanin. Results? Skin that is even toned & clearer.

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