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Nature In Toxin out
Protein Hair Care
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Protein Hair Care Bundle

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Dermatologically Tested

Made with Natural, Safest Ingredients

Certified Toxin Free and Made Safe by Safe Cosmetics Australia

Australian Allergy Certified

Free from Sulphate, Mineral Oil, Paraben, SLS/SLES, DEGs, PEGs and other harmful chemicals.

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"What's In"

Hydrolyzed Silk Protein

Hydrolyzed Silk Protein

Known for its smoothening and protective properties, it adds lustre, body, and manageability to the hair.

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

Increases hair's ability to retain moisture and adds volume.

Argan Oil

Argan Oil

Rich in Vitamin A, E and packed with antioxidants and Omega - 6 Fatty Acids, it helps tame frizzy and dry hair.

Murumuru Seed Butter

Murumuru Seed Butter

Loaded with vitamins and has a high content of deeply moisturizing oleic acid.


Repair your hair, add shine & strengthen those stressed
out locks in no time.

What to expect from your 1st Natural Protein Cleansing Experience

✓ Thinner, more flowy shampoo when you pump it into your hands (because of no Silicones, PEGs or chemical thickeners)

✓ Lower lather and foam compared to regular shampoos (because of no SLS/SLES)

✓ If you are used to washing your hair twice, a 2nd wash will lather more than the 1st

✓ You may find your hair feeling dry and heavy in the first 3-4 washes. This is good! Your pores are opening up and your hair is shedding off its chemical layer of Silicones and Waxes, returning your hair to its actual current state

✓ Using our Natural Protein Conditioner will resolve any dryness of tangles you may be facing, and begin to strengthen your hair

What to expect after a few times with the routine

✓ After a few washes, you should find your hair more well balanced, with less oil at the roots and healthier, moist tips

✓ You should experience your hair is fuller, as some of you may experience better hair growth as a result of the switch

✓ After the detox period, you should notice healthier hair with lower hair fall, split ends, and dandruff

Dermatologically Tested OK
Toxic-Free Australian Certified
Made Safe

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Dr. Nikhil Nasta

This Product is safe, natural and effective and I prescribe it to all of my patients...

Dr. Nikhil Nasta MS,