Natural Talc-Free Baby Powder

Natural Talc-Free Baby Powder
Natural Talc-Free Baby Powder Natural Talc-Free Baby Powder Natural Talc-Free Baby Powder Natural Talc-Free Baby Powder Natural Talc-Free Baby Powder Natural Talc-Free Baby Powder Natural Talc-Free Baby Powder
Natural Talc-Free Baby Powder
  • Dusting Powder to Absorb Moisture

    Talc-Free, Cornstarch Formula

    Chamomile & Calendula Oils to Soothe

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Our Corn Starch based Natural Talc Free Baby Powder absorbs moisture keeping those chubby folds dry without the use of harmful talc while oils like Organic Chamomile, Calendula, and Jojoba soothe & moisturize baby's skin.

Benefits of The Moms Co. Natural Baby Powder :

  • Uses natural corn starch

    Absorbs moisture and keeps your baby’s chubby folds dry without using harmful talc.

  • Soothes mild irritations

    Anti-inflammatory properties of Organic Jojoba Oil moisturizes the skin and help calm, soothe, and ease mild skin irritations.

  • Calms the skin

    Organic Chamomile Oil which has been used as a traditional medicine for thousands of years for its calming properties, rapid wound healing, and for reducing inflammations.

  • Moisturises & Protects Skin

    Enriched with Calendula Oil, popularly known as the ‘pot marigold’, that has countless health benefits and is also a great moisturizer.

  • Clinically-Tested best baby powder
  • Talc-Free, 100% Natural Formula
  • Hypoallergenic, Mild & Gentle.
  • 0 months +

Part of our 100% Natural, Australia-Certified Toxin-Free range of best baby bath products

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A must have for babies!
A very nice product has a pleasant smell and it's all natural. Happy I bought it for my daughter.
Review by: Monika
Sure shot winner!
The fact that it's talc-free makes this product a winner. It is so fine and gentle on baby's skin.
Review by: Jasmine
It's wonderful for baby skin, no smell and prevent from rashes.
Review by: Shriti
Nice Powder!
I use this for my baby before tying diaper also use as dusting powder.
Review by: diksha
Good & Safe..
it's good and safe for babies..I really liked it..feel safe with this talc-free baby Powder.
Review by: bhavna
My baby skin feels so soft and hydrated. It will maintain pH balance of baby skin.
Review by: Varsha
Good for babies!!
Good for baby skin, very mild fragrance, prevents from rashes, itching, etc.
Review by: Tanya
Very Reliable
My baby stays dry and fresh the whole day.Fragrance is very calm not like other products which have strong smell
Review by: Supriya
Worth Buy!
Its not just for babies but works best as talcum or setting powder for girls also.
Review by: Audrey
Thumbs Up
Good for sensitive skin. Can be used all year round. Controls oil even in most hot and humid climate. Great option to use in summers.
Review by: Sonal
Trully Amazing!!
Another speechless product made for loving babies. Thanks Moms co
Review by: Nisha
Mild & Smooth
it is a very mild & smooth powder. the texture of the same feels silky. very apt for baby's tender skin.
Review by: Pooja
Top of the list!!
It's always on the top list for babies and trust this product without any second thought.
Review by: Meetu
Best Baby Powder
Best powder for babies very soft texture with a mild fragrance.
Review by: Manisha
This if for Everyone:)
Not for baby but adults also used this.. very soft used as face compact after makeup.
Review by: Kritika
Loved it!!
I love this powder as it always keeps me fresh and sweat-free all day even in the harsh sun. Suitable for all ages, according to me a regular product in my list.
Review by: S.Laxmi
One of the best!
This one is best talc for kids/babies. Using it since my twins were born, till date it has been my favorite for kids and I use it too!
Review by: Nandani
Nice Everyday Powder!
Good and mild for babies and I also used this every day
Review by: Payal
This powder is so fine and smooth. Very gentle on the skin and has a very fresh fragrance
Review by: Preeti
Safest Powder!!
I know this is for the babies but I personally prefer to use this because it is the safest thing I can use on my sensitive face. It really works well and serve the purpose.
Review by: Teena
Makes my baby skin rough
I totally dislike this product
It makes my baby skin rough and harsh
I will suggest to all moms plz do not buy this product... plz
Review by: Jaya
love this product
Its one of my best purchases it helps to deal with rashes not only for my baby but for me also.
Review by: Deepika
oragnic and Talc free powder
I like this powder becuase of its oragnic and Talc free my baby has lots of daiper rashes and it worked to reduce those i'm happy
Review by: Bhumi
It's paraben free
Everything is so perfect about this one!! Its talc free, paraben free, works really good to reduce rashes & soothes skin too.
Review by: vaishali
This powder smells wonderful!
This powder smells wonderful! It has a nice herbal aroma, and it makes my skin feel silky smooth. I got it to help deal with the heat & humidity
Review by: Garima
Chemical free product
it's perfect if you are using the powder for a babies bottom, or - in my case - to help out with sweats as a result from hot flashes! Great for sweaty areas - arm pits, chest area, etc. -- it's a god-send! So, it's one of those: I completely recommend without hesitation!
Review by: Kamini Manav Read More... Read Less
Its a 100% organic product and it's a must have product in babies kit, it helps to deal with diaper rashes. LOVE!!
Review by: Sukriti
good for baby
I've seen a reduction in my babies rashes. I would suggest this powder to every mom.
Review by: Shikha
Natural product
Great scent love that it's corn-startch and not talc
Review by: Divya
Awesome product
I like that its TALC FREE, and works to deal with summer red rashes.
Review by: Manisha
Chemical free product
I like how it soothes my babies skin and its 100% chemical free.
Review by: Shivangi
love this product
I read that its Clinically-Tested best baby powder, Talc-Free, 100% Natural Formula powder, i start using it for my baby and it helped me to deal with diaper rashes for summer rashes.
Review by: Ekta Singh
My baby loves it
I'm using it on my baby for a month now and it actually gave her relief from the rashes. I use it daily on her.
Review by: Charu
Great product
Smells good and works great on heat rash which is why I have it for my son. Also works fine on me as a deodorant. You only need a small amount. With the two pack it'll last possibly a year.
Review by: Jyoti goyal
Like scent's smell
like how it feels on my babies skin and the scent. So far so good for my first go at a talc-free powder.
Review by: Deeksha Agarwal
It is talc-free
I start using it because its talc free, and its 100% organic i use it on my baby to deal with rashes from diaper & it works really good for him.
Review by: Akansha
All baby products are good.
Packaging of baby powder is not up to the mark. Holes are too large.
Rest everything is good with almost all baby products.
Review by: Ruchi Upadhyay
Mixed feelings
The powder was good but the packaging was very disappointing. Spilled powder everywhere. Even now the powder leaks from the side of the bottle. Could have done with better packaging.
Review by: Sravani
Ive been using it for a couple of months and am very satisfied. Definitely helps in reducing chaffing when you have ...
The texture of the powder is a bit different from other powders, its more "free flowing".
Ive been using it for a couple of months and am very satisfied. Definitely helps in reducing chaffing when you have to walk for a considerable time. The scent is subtle and pleasant.
Review by: Pooja Read More... Read Less
Product is very good. Powder is very smooth
Product is very good. Powder is very smooth. Talc free, which is highly recommended. I m very happy with product. Powder is leaving a thin layer on my baby’s skin after sometime. This layer is getting washed off easily after bath. So no need to worry.
Review by: Happy Baby Read More... Read Less
Safe for babies try out this summer
Harsh summers are here and the reason why I believed in Momsco was their natural approach for baby care ranges. And it can be proved by the presence of the very mild corn starch in this powder, which is least irritating for the babies. And when a product is topped with goodness of Chamomile Oil and Calendula Oil to prevent ant heat irritation, it becomes a must use product for me. The fragrance is sweet and light and my baby is loving this powder.
Review by: Jhilmil Bhansali Read More... Read Less
Safe, effective
I have been a loyal customer to the moms co bec I genuinely love there products I love how safe & effective they are.. So I was super excited when they launched baby products, I bought this for my nephew knowing how safe & carefully this has been made specially for kids.. This powder had the ingredients tat docs recommend using too.. It calms & soothes the skin best launch for summers..
Review by: Ruman(Gloworigin) Read More... Read Less
I am using this for my baby, best talc-free powder
Review by: Deep Singh
I really liked the powder
I really liked this baby powder. My baby is 7 mos old and i never used any powder in him before knowing that talc is very harmful. But my mother in law wanted me to use a powder on him and i was so relieved to find this on amazon. I use it without any worry and anxiety on my baby. It is super soft. The reason i didnt give 5 stars is because of the packing. The powder leaks even when its closed and then there is powder everywhere, on the bottle on my hands clothes etc. otherwise delighted to have something like mom and co in india also
Review by: aarti Read More... Read Less
Really happy to get such kind of product in India
it is of international quality. Really happy to get such kind of product in India. now wants to try other products of mom nd com.
Review by: Alok
The fragrance is divine
The first thing that anybody will notice is divine, so different and heavenly. The texture isn't very soft exactly (which should be because of absence of talc). The sweat absorption is good. If any reactions/or anything else.. will update my review again.
Review by: Sarita B Read More... Read Less
This is the best powder ever!
1. This is the best powder ever, much better than talc at keeping baby/you dry and you only need a small amount. I ordered this after finding out Talc is not good for babies and adults as well
2. It works well for diapers, especially at night
3. It is soothing to the skin and absorbs moisture
4. I even use this on my hair whenever I don't want to wash my hair. I just takes a little amount on my hands and rub through my hair and I will brush my hair. Thats it. It is better than alot of dry shampoos that I have used and it smells great.
5. I just loved it because is organic and natural and it has no chemicals
6. Extremely happy with no complaints, and we will be ordering again in the future. Highly recommended!
Review by: Paddu Read More... Read Less
good to see talc free
Corn baby powder is awesome to avoid the talc.It good to see that brands are avoiding talc in baby baby loves it
Review by: ali
Product is very good. Powder is very smooth.
Product is very good. Powder is very smooth. Talc free, which is highly recommended. I m very happy with product. But the bottle was leaking. As I opened the seal cover some powder came out. Even though it was closed powder was coming out.
Review by: Happy Baby Read More... Read Less
Natural alternative to talcum
I am extremely happy with this natural alternative to talcum powder. I love it that the fragrance and texture has been achieved using only natural ingredients. The whole family can use it. I use it as a make up setting powder too.
Review by: Shalini Read More... Read Less
Not just babies, safe for you too!
I was waiting for The Moms Co to launch the baby range so that I could them for my not-so-baby boys! Yes, they are 9, but I still am very particular and careful about what they apply on their skin. I haven't used much talc for them and I was looking for something safe that was good for regular use as as well. Picked up this along with the shampoo and body wash as well.
First things first, this products is 100% chemical free which makes it completely safe to use. It has corn starch powder that is really mild in nature i comparison to the harsh talc that is generally used in powders.
Honestly, I think its a boon for the summers for the children because it keeps their skin dry. And it is packed with the healing oils of calendula and chamomile that can soothe an irritated skin as well. This one is a must use post a cool shower! I love the mild fragrance that lingers long after it has been used. I am guilty of using this too! :)
Review by: Pratibha Read More... Read Less
Absorbs well
The summer is here and my baby is sweating already :) I was looking for a powder to use for him, but have heard so many concerns around talc. Happy to see that a corn starch powder is fianlly launched! Workes very well. Will rebuy
Review by: Nice for baby Read More... Read Less
Doctor recommended
My doctor recommended a corn starch powder. I was using a imported one but was very expensive. Happy to find this
Review by: Aki
Finally talc free
I've been looking for talc free powder for some time. Just ordered and tried this and it feels and smells great. My baby loves the feel of powder and am happy I can use one without worrying about her coughing
Review by: Nikita
  • Cornstarch Powder

    Corn starch powder

    Corn starch powder, derived from the corn (maize) grain, helps keep skin dry and protected and is considered a safer, natural alternative to Talcum Powder.

  • Chamomile Oil

    Chamomile Oil

    Chamomile helps in reducing inflammations, has rapid wound healing and calming properties.

  • Calendula Oil

    Calendula oil

    Is a great moisturizer for the skin and used in many forms. It is also great for dry, severely chapped or split skin.

  • Jojoba Oil

    Organic Jojoba Oil

    Is a light, non-sticky oil that is considered to be a natural cure for skin redness. Its anti-inflammatory properties help reduce redness caused by dryness.

  • Australia-Certified Toxin-Free

    Australia-Certified Toxin-Free and Made Safe

  • Sulphate-Free, SLS/SLES Free

    Sulphate-Free, SLS/SLES Free, we use gentle, coconut and olive based cleansers

  • Paraben Free

    Paraben Free, we instead use natural but effective preservatives

  • Mineral Oil Free

    Made without Mineral Oil, Petrolatum or Petroleum-Derived Ingredients

  • Free from Artificial Fragrances

    We use only essential oil based fragrances

  • Silicon-Free

    Made without dimethicone (D), trichomethicone (T) or dimethicone copolyol (DC)

  • Free from all Harmful Chemicals

    Made without DEA/TEA, Phenoxyethanol, PEGs and many other potentially harmful chemicals.

  • Sprinkle some of The Moms Co. baby powder on your hands and apply onto your baby's skin.

  • Avoid sprinkling directly on or near baby’s face

  • To apply on the baby’s face, sprinkle some powder on your hand, rub it between your palms and then apply where required

  • Use daily or as needed to absorb moisture, humidity, and sweat

Ingredients Origin EWG Paula's Choice Whole Food Premium Skincare Safe Cosmetics Australia Safe Cosmetics USA
Calendula Oil Calendula Officinalis 1
Corn Starch Zea Mays 1
Organic Chamomile Oil Chamomilla Recutita 1
Organic Jojoba Oil Simmondsia Chinensis 1
Tocopherol Soy, Sunflower & Rap Seed Derived Vitamin E 1
Tricalcium Phosphate Mineral (Infant Grade & Food Grade) 1 --
Vanilla Extract Vanilla Planifolia 1

Yes. To do so, first sprinkle the talc free baby powder on your hand and away from baby's face. Rub the powder in your hand and then apply where needed!

Yes, it can. Just sprinkle our best baby powder gently on your hand and then dab baby's skin.

Yes, completely. Our Natural Baby Powder uses Cornstarch Powder as the main ingredient is a 100% talc free baby powder.

Since corn starch is a food based ingredient, the baby's body already knows well how to absorb it and it's easier for them. Also, cornstarch particles are slightly bigger then talc particles and more gentle on baby's lungs.

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Natural Talc-Free Baby Powder

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