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Make Breastfeeding Easier with The Moms Co.

We went Live with Doctors across Fortis La Femme and Cloudnine Hospitals



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2nd Aug, 11am : Dr. Geeta Gangwani and Dr. Anita Sharma from La Femme Mamma Mia 

How Moms should prepare themselves for Breastfeeding, where they Doctors answered over 25 questions on Nipple Care, Sagging Issues, Latching and Breastfeeding Issues

Topics Covered

Benefits of Breastfeeding: 1:06 

Preparing yourself for breastfeeding: 5:22
How can you breastfeed if you have inverted nipples?: 7:51
How do I know my baby is full? : 10:58
Breastmilk reduces after the child is one year? And how long is it ideal to breastfeed a child?  : 14:39
Diet change required for a breastfeeding mother: 15:54
Mild pulling pain like sensation in breasts : 18:43
Weaning a baby from 5 and half months:   19:46
When breasts are too tender does that mean the production is less?: 22:58
Sagging Issues: 23:45
Cracked nipples: 24:39
My daughter is 5 months old, she started thumb sucking a month ago and now she is more interested to suck her thumb than to feed. What do I do so that she feeds properly?: 26:25
Should I give top feed at night : 28:36
Thinning Milk & Reduced Supply: 29:42
Is it okay to breastfeed with a fibrodnema: 31:19
Express Milk : 31:53
Burping Baby after breastfeeding: 35:30
Doubling weight of baby with breastmilk: 36:34
Exercising while breastfeeding: 37:31
Whatever the mom eats effects the baby: 38:39
Can i breastfeed if I am sick?: 39:20
I get gastric pains while breastfeeding. is that okay?: 40:26
When does milk comes in breasts? I am almost at 36th weeks of gestation. Somewhere I read that breasts leak in 9th month. But it is not happening with me.: 41:9
My baby has not pooped in 4-5 days. I am exclusively breastfeeding. Should I go see the doctor? : 42:44
If I have mastitis, can I breastfeed?: 43:44
Baby is 2 months old. He sleeps off during the breastfeeding session. How do I know he is full?: 44:32

 6th Aug, 4pm : Ms. Ruth, India Head Lactation Consultant at Cloudnine Hospital 

Solutions for Common Breastfeeding Issues - Latching Issues, Feeding for Working Moms, Food to Promote Breastmilk