Why do you need Hair Serum?

why do you need hair serum

What is a Hair Serum?

Hair serum is a liquid-based treatment usually made using silicones that provides a protective layer over your hair, assisting in smoothing frizz and making the hair look smoother.

Serums are used on hair strands after washing your hair & before any styling products. Unlike shampoos & conditioners, they’re left on your hair throughout the day. Also, unlike oils, they’re not applied to the scalp but just the length of your hair.

Why do you need Hair Serums

The most common faced by women these days is dry & damaged hair. Split-ends, hair breakage, rough hair, too many tangles, dull hair, and lack of moisture are all signs of damaged hair.

What causes hair damage? 

Environmental factors like pollution, extreme sun exposure, hard water, dust etc. as well as chemical treatments, blow-drying, using hair straighteners are all common causes of hair damage.

Each hair strand has 3 layers – cuticle, medulla, cortex.

Moms co hair serum.

With environmental and heat damage, the cuticle is stripped away leaving the heart of the hair i.e. the medulla exposed, leading to dry & damaged hair, split ends, frizz, and hair breakage.

One of the biggest myths that people have is that hair serums are just a product used to style your hair. In reality, a serum needs to be as much a part of your hair routine as a shampoo or a conditioner.

Hair Serums are NOT just styling tools!

How do Hair Serums Work?

The best part about hair serums is their simplicity! The simplest way of explaining how it works is that serums coat your hair strands and protect your hair. The ingredients included in most products are supposed to coat the entire hair cuticle and keep it protected until the next wash.

The serum basically creates a barrier to the outside world, which is why most people use hair serums as a preventive measure. Adding on to the protection that serums offer from environmental and chemical harm, the lubricants present in the serum make your hair softer, smoother & more manageable.

But wait, that is where The Mom’s Co’s Protein Rich Hair Serum differs. It not only prevents further hair damage, but it also REPAIRS your hair structure!

Our hair serum forms a protective layer on your hair strands, shielding it from environmental & chemical damage. At the same time, a serum increases your hair’s ability to hold moisture, so that it appears healthier, smoother, sleeker and shinier.

How to choose a hair serum? 

Most serums in the market address different concerns like dry hair, frizzy hair, thinning hair, oily hair etc. But The Moms Co. Protein Hair Serum addresses multiple concerns at the same time and is suitable for all hair types & all hair concerns.


Tips on How to use a Hair Serum

  1. Do: Apply on damp, washed hair.
    Many products need to be applied to damp hair, and since hair serum is supposed to be put in before other products, it should be obvious that damp hair is ideal.
  2. Do: Use before blow-drying your hair
    Our serum forms a protective layer around your hair, shielding it from the harmful effects of heat and other styling products.
  3. Don’t: Apply on the scalp if you have an oily scalp
    Never apply hair serum near the scalp area. There are natural oils responsible for caring for your scalp and roots. When you apply hair serum into the scalp, it will cause hair to become increasingly greasy.
  4. Don’t: Over-apply
    A little can go a long way. A lot of women tend to apply too much because they think it will also add to the effects they’re enjoying with this product. A pearl sized amount should be sufficient – no more, no less.
  5. Don’t: Use on unwashed hair
    One of the main benefits of hair serum is keeping dirt and grime from damaging your hair. Unfortunately, it can’t do this job well if your hair already has dirt and grime in it


Benefits of The Mom’s Co Natural Protein Rich Hair Serum

  1. . Protects
    • Shields your hair from Environmental Damage
    • Protects from the harmful effects of pollution, heat and humidity
    • – Prevents damage caused by chemical treatments & heat.
  2. Repairs
    • Repairs hair structure from within
    • Avoids split ends & nourishes hair
    • Avoids hair breakage & improves hair strength
  3. Smoothens
    • Smoothens the hair cuticles & reduces Frizz.
    • Conditions & moisturises dry hair
    • Makes hair healthier, smoother & softer



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