Things To Remember Before Giving Baby Bath In Winter

As a new mom, I’m sure you are wondering how to bathe your baby on chilly days. I remember how nervous I used to get every time I had to undress my newborn and put her into the warm water. But I soon realised that my motherly grasp was gentle yet firm, and slowly, the dreaded bath time turned into a fun and joyous experience.

Here are answers to some common questions and handy tips about baby bath during winters .

Can I bathe my baby daily in winters?

Some parents like to bathe the baby everyday as they are concerned about the hygiene of the baby.

Too much and too frequent bathing during the cold weather months could make your baby susceptible to allergies, cold and sickness. The skin of a newborn is extremely sensitive, so recurrent contact with warm water and certain baby bath products may cause harm to the skin, leaving it itchy and dry.

When to start bathing?

For newborns, you should wait till the stump of the umbilical cord falls off. Until then, stick to sponge. Once the umbilical area is healed and the baby seems ready, bathing her once in three days is sufficient. However, you should thoroughly clean your baby’s mouth, face, and private areas daily.

The right time

Check if it’s too cold outside and bathe your baby only when you’re sure she will be warm enough later. It’s best to wait for the sun to come out before starting your baby’s bath regime. However, nighttime bath are also relaxing if you are looking to put the baby to sleep immediately after.

The right temperature

If the temperature outside is very low, use a room heater to generate heat in the bath area. Fill the baby’s bathtub with lukewarm water. Test the water temperature with your elbow as it is the most sensitive part of the body. Put the baby into bathtub once you are sure of temperature of the water.

Baby bath products

Before you start bathing the baby, make sure you have gathered all the bath and post-bath products. This essentially includes a bathtub, an absorbent big-sized towel to wipe and wrap the baby after the bath, a baby wash, soap, shampoo, lotion and a clean nappy. 

Natural and toxin-free

For the selection of baby bath products, make sure that the products are natural, toxin-free and completely safe for the baby. Presence of chemicals and toxic ingredients may strip the baby’s skin of its natural oils, leaving it even more dry and itchy in winters.

Natural ingredients like avocado, coconut and chamomile oil in your baby’s body wash will not just be gentle on baby’s skin but will also keep it nourished. They also induce sound sleep after the bath.

Use a natural and tear-free shampoo which cleanses your baby’s scalp and nourishes her super soft hair while keeping that heart-warming smile on!

Some handy baby bath tips

#1. The level of the water in the bathtub should be up to the chest of the baby, not more than that.

#2. Do not prolong the baby’s bathing process in winters; wash the baby from feet upwards, take her out and wrap her in a clean, absorbent towel to dry her up immediately.

#3. Keep the baby’s clothes handy so she does not have to stay undressed in the cold for long.

#4. Make sure you dry the baby’s body thoroughly, particularly the head, before dressing her up.

#5. After the bathe regime, moisturize the baby’s skin and then put her clothes on. Apply a diaper-rash cream to prevent and soothe skin inflammation and rashes before putting on a diaper.

#6. Keep the windows and doors shut while bathing and dressing the baby.

Hope the above tips are handy for all first-time moms. Once the baby is a little older, you can keep some bath toys for her to play with, making the bath session a fun bonding time for both of you. 

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