Checklist: What to Keep in Your Baby Diaper Bag!

It’s the blanket cover for new moms- The baby diaper bag. Stock it well, so that you can deal with sudden requirements that could otherwise leave you in a mess.  

How you stock the diaper bag depends on a lot of factors. How old your baby is, and how long would you be traveling, also; where exactly are you headed to. I bring you some handy suggestions on what items are a must in your diaper bag.

Baby Diaper bag essentials

  • Diapers

You will need one for every two hours. Also, keep extras for unforeseen pooping sessions. Keep your baby diaper bag well stocked to be on the safe side.

  • Wipes

From wiping the baby’s bum, cleaning your hands to swabbing dirty surfaces of the public restrooms, wipes are a must in the diaper bag.

  • Baby Lotion & Diaper Rash Cream

Keep travel-sized tubes of baby lotion moisturizers and baby diaper rash creams in the bag.

  • Changing pads

The changing tables in public restrooms are dirty and not suitable for use. Most of the diaper bags come with changing pads; Check the pad size. If it seems small, carry a bigger changing pad to lay your baby comfortably during a diaper/clothes change.

  • Sanitizer

You won’t always get access to a water source for washing your hands while traveling. Keep a sanitizer handy, in your diaper bag.

  • Feeding bottles, sipping cups for older babies

Along with the feeding bottles, you will need to carry formula milk and supplies.  Carry expressed milk in bottles, if you are breastfeeding.

  • Snacks, spoons, baby food

You must stock up your food supplies as per your baby’s age. You can ascertain the number of feeds required and pack them, accordingly. Extras are always recommended.

  • Bibs, napkins, small towel, washcloths

Toss in as many as you need, preferably a few extras, to use while the baby is eating, playing, and burping.

  • Clothes and a light blanket

Pack in a few extras. Leaky diapers, dripping bottles and spills during meals – babies need no excuse to soil their clothes! A light blanket is handy in case it gets chilly or breezy outdoors.

  • Sunscreen, caps, and hat

Baby Sunscreen is used for infants above six months of age. Caps and hats can be used to protect the baby while out on a sunny day.

A quick check on some other requisites

  • Toys
  • Band-Aids and medicines( saline nasal drops, colic pain, and more)
  • Extra clothes for yourself
  • Nursing pads and sanitary pads(for you)

One small note…

For new moms the diaper bag seamlessly replaces her stylish hand bags. I carried my wallet and phone in it. I even kept my sanitary pads, makeup, and comb in my baby’s bag. The diaper bag is the mom’s survival kit, dress it up just the way you like it!

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