How to pack your pregnancy hospital bag in under 5 minutes

Yay! It’s finally time! The calendar’s nearing the day when you finally get to meet the tiny angel you have been so carefully nurturing within you for so long, bearing with a smile all the aches and pains a mother has to go through for those precious 9 months. And God knows, in the last few days (or weeks) of eager anticipation, it’s easy to get lost in dreams and emotions and lose track of some of the practical aspects of delivery, mundane things like the essentials that you’ll need when you are in the hospital for your delivery.

“What helped me was, in fact, to have 2 bags instead of 1 – one for mumma and the other one for baby.”

Well, worry not, for here is a ready reckoner of the items I feel are most important to have packed and ready, well before the time when you might have to rush to the hospital at a moment’s notice. It’s a great idea to have a hospital bag packed by the time you are about 36 weeks pregnant so that there is no last minute rush. What helped me was, in fact, to have 2 bags instead of 1 – one for mumma and the other one for baby. So here’s my recommended list. Take a print and keep it handy, but please go ahead and check with your hospital when you discuss birth packages etc, since many hospitals these days provide many of these things as part of the package.

Mumma’s bag essentials:

  • Most importantly – copies of all relevant medical records.
  • A couple of pairs of cotton socks
  • A shawl/light jacket. It’s common to feel very hot at times, and then very cold the next instant.
  • Lip balm and moisturiser.
  • Mobile phone and charger.
  • A hairband and a hairclip, along with your favourite comb.
  • Nursing bras. Take one or two.
  • Breast pads – I think disposable ones are the best now, you can switch to reusable later when you are stronger and up for all that washing and drying. 🙂
  • 1 pack of maternity/overnight sanitary pads.
  • You can buy more later if needed.
  • Comfortable panties. The first couple of days will get messy, so get cheap cotton ones ot disposable ones if possible. If you end up having a C-sec, high waist panties would be comfortable to wear over your scar.
  • Supportive shoes or slippers.
  • ATM or credit cards.
  • Some cash and small change in hand. 
  • Medical insurance papers (if any).
  • Camera, toiletries, change of clothes(preferably nursing clothes)

Bub’s bag essentials:

  • Four or five sets of clothes, pre-washed and sanitised. Onesies and soft cotton jhablas work best at this stage.
  • Two sweaters for winter babies.
  • Socks and mittens, I found the baby was more comfortable in cotton ones rather than wool. 
  • One cap.
  • A few soft cotton sheets for your baby’s bed.
  • One waterproof sheet protector or rubber sheet
  • One baby blanket, depending on the weather
  • A pack of newborn diapers, you’ll obviously need more but you can always buy them later.
  • Wet wipes and changing mat. 
  • One or two soft towel/s.
  • A few soft hand towels to clean spit-up or spills while feeding.

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