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  1. Diaper Care Bundle for Baby

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    Moisture can easily penetrate baby's delicate skin and cause rashes and redness. Keep baby Dry and Safe with our Corn-Starch Based Baby Powder that absorbs moisture and Diaper Rash Cream that works great to quickly heal redness and prevent rashes

    This bundle includes

    • Natural Talc-Free Baby Powder
    • Natural Diaper Rash Cream
    Ideal to
    Provide Relief, Prevent & Soothe
  2. Natural Diaper Rash Cream

    Size: 25g / 0.9 oz.

    Our fast-acting Natural Diaper Rash Cream with 15% Zinc Oxide, Hydrolized Oat Protein & Organic Chamomile Oil helps Prevent, Treat and Quickly Soothe Skin inflammation.

    Ideal to
    Prevent & Soothe Diaper Rash, Provide Relief
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2 Item(s)